Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The match I Want to See at No Way Out

For those who don't know, WWE's No Way Out PPV is this Sunday, June 17th.  The match I'm most looking forward to this Sunday is between Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship.  This match was originally was supposed to be Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio, until Del Rio suffered a concussion in a match against Khali.  I had not planned on attending No Way Out, but once this match was signed, I knew I had to be there.  I literally just bought my tickets yesterday.  This match has the potential of being the best match of the night if the WWE plays this right and does not pull a Sheamus vs Bryan from WM28 (insert angry face here).  Both of these competitors have a lot to prove and need this win.  Personally, I will be happy either way whoever wins this match, as long as the match lives up to the potential I expect it to have.  These two have faced each other a few times the past few weeks on Smackdown and if those matches are any implication to what they will have on Sunday, I know this will be the best match of the night.

Why Sheamus needs to win:
Right now, a large amount of people do not take Sheamus' reign as champion as seriously as they should.  A huge part of this is the WWE's fault for two reasons.  First, they have downplayed both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship for the past year or so.  Neither champion has been the main event of a PPV since sometime in 2011.  If these belts don't get you into the main event, it seems like nothing will, unless your name is John Cena.  The other reason why Sheamus hasn't been taken serious as a champion is due to how he won it.  We all unfortunately remember that 18 second match at Wrestlemania 28 where he defeated Daniel Bryan off a distraction with a Brogue Kick.  I am a huge Sheamus fan and I wanted him to win the title, however, that was the last way I wanted or expected him to win.  Both wrestlers were screwed at having the chance to shine at the Biggest Wrestling Stage of them all.  Real wrestling fans know that Daniel Bryan is one of the best in the world right now and to see him lose so quickly and stupidly made Sheamus look like a joke.  He was booed for weeks after that match.  Even though they finally had a great match at Extreme Rules the following month, Sheamus is still not respected as champion as he should be.  He has gotten much better as an athlete since his first title reign but all people can remember how he "didn't deserve to win" at Wrestlemania.  I put that in quotes because I do feel he deserved to win the title, but he should've earned it in a full match and not that disaster they had.  With this being said, Sheamus needs this match to help validate his reign as champion.  He has to show not only that he can hang with the best, but that he can beat them on his own and put on a great match of their caliber.

Why Dolph Ziggler needs to win:
For the past year, the WWE has held down Dolph Ziggler.  He has come a long way from being Nicky of the Spirit Squad to being one of the best that the WWE has right now.  But a lot of people do not see that because of how the WWE has...rather has not used him.  I have been saying for months that Ziggler needs and deserves a title run and this is his time to shine.  Even though he was not the first choice for this match, I do believe he is the better choice.  His in-ring work is amazing.  Since he has been held down for so long, he needs this win to put him over and get him the push he needs and deserves.  If he loses on Sunday, he will most likely end up back where he has been stuck for the past few months.  He already has lost twice to Sheamus in recent matches.  If he loses again, the third time will not be a charm and it will turn into a "three strikes you're out" scenario. 

Both of these competitors need this win to help them get over.  Who do I think is going to win?  Personally, especially knowing WWE logic, I feel Sheamus will come out on top.  It's obvious that the World Title is not important to them and they will just keep it on him because it's easy and they don't have to think about it.  No matter who comes out on top on Sunday, all I want is a great match and these two stars to steal the spotlight they both deserve.  May the best man win!


  1. Dolph Ziggler might not win this Sunday It all depends on what happen Friday on Smackdown for he eliminate Jack Swagger, and Jack might screw him for pinning him.

  2. Ziggler's face-turn is inevitable. If creative chooses to shotgun a title-run, he will vanish into obscurity (ala, previous handful of Money-In-The-Bank winners over the past 2 years) The crowd is getting behind the character more and more every week with the dissension between him and Swagger and the frustration with Vickie. They already have been behind Ziggler the worker (i was there in MSG when he fought Morrison at Survivorr Series 2011) but now i can fully see them tweaking the character to a likable (but not overbearing, ala John Cena) babyface. It actually sets up nice for a returning heel Randy Orton, and they can pick up where they didn't get to exactly start up. I also wouldn't be surprised if they built up the Ziggler title victory all the way to 07/23 the 1000th Episode of RAW.

  3. Ziggler doesn't need the belt, he needs the microphone. Fans have already been treated to his in-ring work, and by this point everyone is familiar with Dolph Ziggler the wrestler. What they aren't seeing is Dolph Ziggler the character. Those of us smart enough to watch WWE Download get to see it, but not the world at large. The best thing that could happen is if Dolph breaks away from Vickie. He's got the chops to get over on his own, and Vickie would be better used developing another superstar.

    1. Agreed. Whether he wins or loses, he definitely needs to develop his character. He's great on the mic

  4. I hope Ziggler wins, but as what you said, according to WWE logic, most likely we won't see a title change. Ziggler is a stand-in for ADR. It might be a desperation move to save the WHC picture. All they wanted is a good wrestling quality match between these two.

    Ziggler has good mic skills. He excels in promos. He needs to be placed consistently in the main event picture. Although he might have the mic and wrestling skills, he needs wins and championships to establish himself as credible heel.

    With a proper feud, I hope we can see both of these guys fighting over the WHC for months to come.

    If Sheamus wins here, I doubt we can see any reason for Ziggler chasing after the championship here. But on Smackdown, Ziggler pinned Sheamus, which would mean Sheamus will be going over on Sunday.

    I guess Ziggler is just stand-in for ADR. My prediction is Sheamus wins.

    1. Exactly. Since Ziggler wasn't first choice for this match, the chance of him winning is slim. Either way, I hope he gets the push he deserves