Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rock vs Cena - The Downfall to Wrestlemania 28

I am probably only one of the few that is not looking forward to The Rock and John Cena fighting at Wrestlemania this year and here's why...

If you did not see Raw last night (2/20 edition), John Cena spoke and delivered on how the Rock is only back to promote his movies, how he has sold out and once Wrestlemania is over, he will be gone once again.  I totally agree with this statement.  It was as if John Cena took the words out of my mouth.  From when this feud started last year due to Cena calling the Rock a sellout, I have always sided with Cena.  The Rock claims he left when he did because at the time he felt there was nothing else to accomplish in the WWE.  With that being said, why is he back now?  I guess he realized there will never be a Tooth Fairy 2....

I always have and will be a fan of the Rock, but I do feel he sold out and is only back to promote his movie career.  I respect what he has done for the WWE over the years and I will say that NO ONE will cut a promo or entertain the crowd the way that man can. He has had some great matches in his career, and I will not forget nor discredit that.  My biggest issue with him coming back is that he will disappear once again after WM28 is over...and not return until WM29.  If he was back for good, as he claimed, then I would fully support him being back.  However, I highly doubt that will be the case. It is unfair that he is able to come and go when he pleases and with one breathe, he is headlining Wrestlemania 28.  What ever happened to earning that position?  In traditional fashion, the main event at Wrestlemania was always the champion vs the winner of the Royal Rumble.  With that being said, the main event this year SHOULD be Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.  However, since the Rock has a bigger name, these two don't hold a chance at headlining this event.  This is a shame because I'm pretty sure that these two will give a better match than the Rock and Cena will.

Don't get me wrong.  I understand why these two are the main event at Wrestlemania.  I will not deny that these are the two biggest names in recent WWE history and it is a money maker.  People for the last year have been discussing this match and it has brought a lot of attention to the WWE. It also is the match of the Rock passing the torch to Cena as being the biggest name in the WWE.  I get it and understand why the WWE chose it. However, even though these are the two biggest names, they are arguably not the two best wrestlers in the company.  Their fame overshadows their talent.  I do believe both are great talents, just not the best.

Another issue I have with the Rock vs Cena in the main event is that it was announced a year in advance.  Because it was made so long ago, I'm personally tired of hearing about it and can't wait until it's over.  It has lost its interest and appeal. Also, with announcing this match a year in advance, you're stuck with the match.  You can't make the match then take it away without looking like a dick.  Because we are stuck with this match, we are also stuck with Trip vs Taker 3, even if it is a Hell in a Cell match.  Triple H and the Undertaker are two of the best, but we have seen this match twice already.  Third time will not be a charm.  It will be a great match, but this won't be the match of the night.  The streak is not ending and with the chance that this could be Taker's final match, I'd rather see it against someone who looks like they have a chance at ending it.  With that being said, the only two people that would've been believable that they actually had a chance to end the streak....John Cena and the Rock, edge given to the Rock.  I mentioned before that the Rock left because he felt there was nothing else to accomplish in the WWE.  No one has broken the streak and with that, it would have made more sense as why the Rock would want to come back.  And if it wasn't the Rock, then Cena is the only other person that is believable to have a chance at ending the streak, since he is "Super-Cena" and can't lose...ever.....But guess what?  We won't have either of these matches this year because we are stuck with the Rock and Cena.

So who should/will be the real main event at Wrestlemania this year?  CM Punk vs Chris Jericho.  Why?  Because these are the two best wrestlers in the WWE currently.  Every match they put on is noteworthy, no matter their opponent.  It takes true talent to have a good match with any opponent, even if the opponent sucks, and both of these men are masters at that.  The only other person in recent history who can claim that is Shawn Michaels (Damn I miss that man lol).  We all have been looking forward to this match since it's first speculation a few months ago, but once again, it will not get the attention and hype it deserves due to them not having the bigger name.

With 40 days to go, we'll see if I'm proven wrong and the Rock and John Cena will give the main event match that the fans truly deserve....but with all of the over-hype, I highly doubt it.


  1. Well, the argument for Rock leaving right after Mania.... can't it supposedly be said for Jericho as well? Also, I think they've done a decent job of not running the talk of the match into the ground over the year by having Cena in dfft feuds. Let's not forget... Punk vs Cena was match of the year for 2011.

    Another "agree to disagree" point I wanna make is that this is World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. The Rock is entertaining 95% of the time. Cena has entertained me a total of three times this year. Once responding to the Rock before last years mania in a rap. Vs Punk at MITB, and last night. It takes greatness as a foe to make him entertaining. If Cena was playing the part of "hard working single mom" vs Dwayne "the absent father who shows up and buys teh kid toys, then leaves again" Johnson, I can get on Cena's side.

  2. Do you not think he is only back because popularity of WWE was on a downfall and he is doing a favor( and getting paid) to the people that helped him get where he is? Not all his movies are good but they have all made money so he is not HHH or Cena that should never make another movie. I mean everyone knows he is not back to stay, Why would he be .. but I Think the WWE needed him . Popularity is raising again, so if it was at the state it was this year last year this match probably would not be happening.

    1. Yes it definitely is for popularity and it is working. I def get it. I just think its unfair for those trying to earn it

  3. Rock is back because vince wanted him back to help boost ratings and to get people talking about wrestling again. There are rumors that rock may appear at summerslan as well. Taker vs hhh it will be a good match but I'm tired of seeing it I rather see taker vs lesnar but I guess that may be wm29. The thing with WWE is that there not pushing there midcard guys when was the last time Rhodes had a real threat for the ic tittle. The tag division is a joke and the us belt has basically no meaning. Swagger can't even get on tv and he is.a champ.

  4. Agreed. It's all for ratings and in that case, it's a success